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What In the Booth Doesn’t Do

On 22 Oct | '2020

It’s standard to read a lot about a company DOES do. So today on the In the Booth blog we’d thought we’d talk about what we DON’T do.

We don’t do tacky

It’s just not our thing. There’s nothing cheap or plastic about our booths, so we don’t do cheap or plastic with our products either.

In the Booth doesn’t do deals of the century

You will get plenty of quotes comparatively cheaper than In the Booth – we guarantee it! However, we don’t price match because our competitors can’t match the experience.

We don’t do imported booths

We’re licensed with the Australian Made Campaign. We’re an Australian family designed, made and owned company. Believe us when we say it, you won’t find another booth quite like ours here or overseas.

In the Booth doesn’t do “sorry, we’re busy”

We don’t believe customers waiting days for a return phone call or email is good enough. It’s rare you won’t hear back from us on the same day; often within an hour or two. COVID has only strengthened our dedication in customer contact – our customers need answers and they need them quickly. We walk the walk, and our customer feedback vouches for this.

We don’t do things that don’t work

Sounds basic enough. But there’s a big difference between a feature listed on a website and how that feature actually works in an event environment and if your guests will use it. If it’s on our website, it’s tried and tested and it was a roaring success.

We don’t get paid to practice

On one hand you’re paying us for our awesome photo booth service, yes. You’re also paying for our booking experience, customer service and eleven years’ experience in the event industry. To put it bluntly, this ain’t our first rodeo.

We only do solid walled booths

There’s a bit of magic hidden within our rock-solid walls. We love the intimate and classy space we can create for our customers. In the Booth believe the right tool for the job is a photo booth (with the emphasis on the booth).

We don’t say yes when it should be no

Lastly, we’re not going to sell you something that won’t work for your event, period. We can add all the flashing lights in the world but if guests don’t understand, they won’t use. Period. We’re all about products that just work.

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