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Wedding Ceremony Location Ideas

Wedding Ceremony Location Ideas

On 4 Feb | '2021

If you’re on the hunt for wedding ceremony location ideas, we feel you! Deciding on your wedding ceremony location is a huge decision. It’s where you’ll say your wedding vows and officially start your lives together. It goes without saying that wedding ceremonies and beautiful locations go hand in hand.

The vast majority of brides and grooms picture themselves saying “I do” in a postcard-worthy location. However, as it’s known, there’s the wedding you’re planning on Pinterest 😂 and the one you’re planning in real life! Today on the blog we’re looking at a variety of wedding ceremony location ideas and their pros and cons.

First things first…do you have a wedding theme?

The theme for your wedding will no doubt set the tone for your ceremony location. For example, if you’re hosting your reception at a beachside café, a ceremony on the sand may be just the ticket. On the other hand, perhaps you’d like the locations for your ceremony and reception to be completely different which is fine too! Your wedding can be whatever you make it because it’s your day!

Wedding Ceremony Location Ideas: Beach Ceremony


  • Perfect for that natural, relaxed vibe
  • Ideal for couples who are known beach-lovers
  • Super common for location weddings on islands etc
  • Beachside ceremonies make for the ideal postcard backdrop for your wedding pictures
  • Cons:

  • Weather – wind and rain can play havoc on your day. Experienced, quality suppliers are the best way to handle this
  • Potential costs for hiring chairs for your guests
  • Guests may need to be able to walk a reasonable distance to your ceremony site
  • Sand in your shoes (can also be a pro!)
  • Wedding Ceremony Location Ideas: Inner-City Ceremony


  • There’s so many choices for accommodation for both the couple and their guests
  • You can most likely stay at your ceremony hotel location for your wedding night; in fact a night’s stay may be included in your ceremony package
  • There will be a huge choice of suppliers for your ceremony in inner-city areas
  • Many of your guests won’t have to travel far if your wedding is being held in your home town
  • Cons:

  • Inner city locations are very popular and may book out quickly
  • Most venues have only one ceremony space so it’s important to enquire how many weddings they host on any given day
  • Make sure you check there’s plenty of available parking for your guests
  • Wedding Ceremony Location Ideas: Country Ceremony


  • Crowds won’t be a problem and you’ll likely have your location to yourselves!
  • Country or rustic scenery will offer a timeless feel to your wedding ceremony photos
  • You’ll most likely have more than enough room for all your guests, parking and space for suppliers
  • You may have the choice of hosting your ceremony outside or in an old barn
  • Cons:

  • Your guests may need to drive a reasonable distance to your ceremony location
  • Wedding ceremony suppliers may have an additional travel charge to service your chosen area
  • In addition, items such as power and chairs could need to be hired externally
  • Lastly, we’ve captured countless wedding ceremony location ideas via our infamous Guest Cam service! Did you know that photos captured via our app during your ceremony will print out at the booth, just like the ones below!

    Wedding Ceremony Location Ideas

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