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Wedding Photos

“We didn’t get enough wedding photos!”

On 10 Sep | '2020

“Our day went by so fast!” isn’t a unique sentiment. The wedding day just flies by for so many couples. In contrast, when so many months have been spent in planning, one day can feel especially short. That’s why it’s so essential to plan for specific time slots for your wedding photos.

Any wedding photographer will tell you the main shots are usually captured after the ceremony and before the reception. However, this doesn’t include the many time increments needed throughout the rest of the day. These seemingly insignificant moments all stitched together are what tells the story of your day. It’s important to leave time for them in your wedding day timeline. This way you won’t feel rushed and there’s time spare when things don’t go exactly to plan.

Getting ready

Most brides start their day early! Usually there’s hair and makeup to be done on multiple people. You won’t want to be ready too early as you’ll be in your finest all day. Yet, you also don’t want to run late and run out of time for those special getting ready shots. Your photographer will most likely want to capture the bride with her parents; her bridesmaids and flowers girls and on her own. All of this takes time! Don’t forget, the photographer will most likely be on a tight schedule to get over to the boys’ location for photos too. Talk to your hair and makeup suppliers and your photographer and ensure they approve of the time allowed in your morning schedule.


Many brides want to keep the tradition of being a bit late to their ceremony, and that’s awesome! This is your one big day to make an entrance. On the other hand, run these plans past your photographer. A bride that’s 5 minutes late can quickly turn into twenty once the desired photos are taken. Your ceremony running late then cuts into your professional photo time before the receptionā€¦.and so it goes! There’s no problem with being late – just plan for it where you can.

Wedding photos before the reception

No doubt you have organised a stunning location for your main professional wedding photos with your photographer. This is where you need to be careful! Coordinating an entire bridal party, vehicles and suppliers is no small task. Again, it’s easy for small delays to add up to running 45 minutes late. This can result in rushed photos, lost light and your photographer not able to capture everything on the shot list. It’s a good idea to drive the route from your ceremony to photo location and onto your reception at the same time of day prior to the wedding. Did you run into traffic? Are there road works? Add extra time into your schedule if you think it’s needed.

Wedding photos at the reception

Traditionally many photographers have a small shot list upon arrival at your reception. This will include photos of your reception space and a posed cake cutting shot. Your photographer may be staying if you have selected a package offering longer coverage. This is where In the Booth can seamlessly join the party and takeover your professional photography service. Your photo booth hire will be set to begin when your guests enter your reception. From the moment they lay their eyes on the booth, the memory making will commence! The beauty of a photo booth is in its simplicity. It naturally attracts guests due to its retro good looks and fully automated touch screen. Coupled with endless instant prints, it’s the best way to ensure you have plenty of wedding photos from your reception. Guests will naturally flock to the booth so no one has to remember to take photos. Similar to Aldi’s Epic Reminders šŸ˜‰ that handsome photo booth in the corner is the best reminder you could hope for in regards to taking more wedding photos!

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