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Video Messaging Photo Booth Hire

On 9 May | '2019

By now, you know that In the Booth have got all of your photo booth needs covered – but did you know that our photobooths can also capture video messages? Yes, you read that right – one booth can cater to both every photo and video whim your guests have!

Two Women In A Photo Booth

Image thanks to Evoke Studios

Birthday parties, engagements & weddings

Video messages are an awesome addition to your photobooth hire. From heartfelt wishes from your parents at your birthday party to the slightly off-key rendition of your first dance song by your bridesmaids, you will experience a range of emotions as you watch your video guest book messages for the first time. Then there’s the all too tempting option of acting out ‘YMCA’ as it plays in the background or a quick round of the Time Warp 😉 Watch your guests get more creative than ever before as they drag props and each other into the booth to assist with acting out their video guest book ideas!

Uncle Gary can talk for hours…

Not to worry! Our video messages are capped at 15 seconds to keep them short, sweet and to the point. This also helps prevent any awkward fumbling and running out of the booth when your guest has said their piece and the film is still rolling! Your guests are always welcome to leave consecutive video messages if there is more that they would like to say. The booth’s touch screen includes easy to follow instructions that walk your guests through leaving their video message. Even Nan can get involved – and imagine how precious her sweet message will be in years to come.

How can my guests view their video messages?

This is the awesome part! After leaving their video message, the booth will produce a print with a unique download code. Guests can simply enter the code into the exclusive In the Booth App and their video message will download instantly to their device, just the same as their photos! How cool is that?! Customers also receive all their high resolution video messages captured in the booth on their boutique USB folio provided after their event. So don’t worry – whatever your guests got up to, you’ll be able to watch it all later in all its high-resolution after party glory!

But I don’t want my guests to leave video messages!

That’s not a problem at all! Video messaging is included in all of our hire packages at no additional cost, but is also completely optional. If you feel that the video messaging function is not something you need or want at your event – it’s not an issue for us to turn it off. At In the Booth, all our amazing options are included at no additonal cost, but can also be removed from your hire package if you prefer.

Can I have video messaging at my corporate function?

Our short answer is yes, of course! However, there can be a lot to take into consideration. In our experience, video messages can be irrelevant for the majority of corporate functions if there isn’t a clear purpose. However don’t be discouraged, as we have seen plenty of great corporate video booth successes – it all comes back to great organisation and design. Perhaps you have a particular activation you require video capture for? Talk to us about your corporate event goals and we’d love to assist you to bring those ideas to fruition!

What can I do to ensure my guests leave video messages?

We do find that for plenty of video messages to be taken at a corporate event, guests need a prompt or purpose for leaving their message. There are endless options for prompts – whether it is to leave a message detailing one of their favourite work memories from the year at the staff Christmas party or leaving feedback for their experience at a conference. Perhaps you may even want to use a photo and video booth to capture your clients’ pledges to a particular cause or to leave reviews on the new product you have launched. A video photo booth can be a great launch pad for a competition or to increase brand awareness. Don’t forget, a friendly attendant will be on hand to assist your guests and will be well-versed to deliver on your video booth requirements.

Providing some small incentive to leave a video message is another great way to increase the number of video messages left at your corporate event. Some examples of incentives used in the past are:

  • By leaving a video message, your guests get an entry into the draw to win X prize
  • By leaving a video message, your guests get a free product sample
  • By leaving a video message, your guests can share their thoughts and feedback on a product or service

Can I have the booth capture video messages only?

If you would prefer your guests only be able to leave video messages and not take any photos, we can offer this as well. Our external booth branding options can provide the ability to make the booth appear a little bit less like a photo booth while also giving you space to include some prompts or instructions for your guests regarding their video messages.

Read more about our Video Guest Book service and see some great examples here!

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