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Party Emergency Kit

On 30 Aug | '2019
party emergency kit
Party Emergency Kit

While no one wants to think about a party emergency, it’s always better to be safe than sorry! A handy pack with all those easily forgotten items can be a lifesaver – and not just for weddings. The party season is a hectic time and running through Woolies in your evening frock isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time!

Party Emergency kit

Pack a small tote with some mini essentials and you’ll be ready for anything. Emergency kits make the perfect gift too – why not fill a gorgeous custom bag with some emergency items as a gift. We guarantee they won’t leave home without it! If you’re not one for DIY’s, you can also purchase a variety of pre-made kits online. It’s also the perfect place to store all those photo booth prints you’ll want to look through the next day!

Band aids

When you’ve been on your feet for hours running in and out of the photo booth 😉 you’ll be glad you packed band aids! Consider the packages with various sizes so you’re equipped to deal with sore heels and toes.

Mini Sewing Kit

No one believes that their designer gown will suffer any fashion emergencies, but it’s always best to be prepared! At nearly every event, there will be group of women in the bathroom trying to sew someone back into her dress. Don’t be caught without a mini sewing kit on hand to help get you through the rest of the night.

Panadol/Pain Killers

During a long day of preparation and festivities, it’s not uncommon to forget to keep yourself hydrated. At the first sign of a headache, you’ll want to have some pain killers at the ready. Panadol Rapid or another fast acting pain reliever is best so you’re able to be back dancing up a storm or enjoying the photo booth in no time!

Breath Mints

We’re sure we don’t need to explain this one, but breathe mints are among one of the most easily forgotten items. Here is your gentle reminder!

Hair ties/bobby pins

No matter how much hairspray and how many bobby pins have fixed your hair into the perfect, most flawless style; sometimes it just can’t hold up against vigorous dancing! With all of the hugs and congratulations going around, we’d be lying if we said we hadn’t seen someone’s jewellery get caught in someone else’s perfect hairstyle!

Dental Floss/toothpicks

We all know there’s little worse than peeking in the mirror two hours after dinner and finding an unwanted item between your front teeth! While we’ve seen some awesome photos using food in the photo booth, food between your teeth probably isn’t the look you’re going for! For those remnants that you just can’t quite reach with your fingernail, dental floss or toothpicks will save the day.

Mini Deodorant

Again, one we probably don’t need to explain. A touch up on your deodorant after a long day is never a bad idea! Most grocery stores have a travel section where you can find mini deodorant options.

Spare Pantyhose

There’s nothing worse than putting a run in your pantyhose as you get out of the car! Many brands sell two packets in one. Just wrap the spare pair in a small zip lock bag and keep it in your bag. They don’t take up much room and they just may save some drama on the night. A bottle of clear nail polish is also a good idea. If you’ve done some damage to your pantyhose, a dab of clear nail polish on a hole will stop it spreading to an unrecoverable run!

Nail File

A broken or chipped nail can really get on your nerves! They catch on everything and are a surefire way to ruin your perfect manicure. A nail file in your bag will ensure you’re equipped to deal with any fingernail disasters that may occur.

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