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How our Photobooth App solves common problems!

On 11 Nov | '2021

In the Booth’s exclusive app is one of our most popular inclusions. There’s not another one quite like it! This is not an off-the-shelf photobooth app solution. Our app was custom designed and built from the ground up by in-house developers. Today on the blog we’re breaking down why we created a photobooth app for our customers and their guests rather than use readily available software.

Our photobooth app puts privacy first

Off the shelf photobooth sharing solutions all use personal details to distribute guest photos. For example,guests will be required to enter their phone number or email address after their photo session. Today’s guests can be understandably hesitant about this. Noone likes more junk mail in their inbox. At corporate events especially, guests are quite wary of being marketed to. Our photobooth app means guests don’t feel their privacy has been compromised. Unscrupulous companies may then even market their services directly to your event guest list. We will never ask your guests for their contact details – we guarantee it.

Guests don’t like waiting in line

One of our goals is to keep the photo booth queue to a minimum! We don’t mean by less people taking photos – quite the contrary. We mean it is our job to keep the queue moving. This ensures as many sessions in the booth are snapped as possible for the duration of your event. One way we do this is to move guests that have completed their session away from the booth smoothly. Guests that need to enter their details to receive their images cause a traffic jam. They are trying to remember their email address or type their details into a touch screen (often after a few beverages!). Our photobooth app allows guests to move away from the booth itself to download their experiences on their own time. This can be two minutes or two months after their photo booth session.

Guests don’t like waiting…period!

We know from customer feedback that guests love our instant access to their images. A good fit for our customers has never been via an online gallery. We don’t like to keep our clients or their guests waiting! Similarly guests will often forget the website address or how to access the event images. Our full trained attendants are on hand to answer any app questions during the event and then guests are off and away! It never takes long for word about our download and Guest Cam features to spread like wildfire around a party!

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