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Photo Booth Hire History

On 2 Jul | '2020

Photo Booth Hire

We’re kind of photo booth hire history buffs when it comes to designing our products and services. In the Booth takes several things into account:

1. Is it seamless to operate?
2. Is it beautiful to look at?
3. Will it complement photo booth hire at every event type?

The photo booth itself is inherently beautiful in its simplicity! It’s a feature you often find in ideas that were born over one hundred years ago. Photo booths were frequently found at popular public places after being invented. Their automatic operation was a truly amazing thing! This was decades before digital photography so each photo booth housed its own darkroom of sorts. Photos were developed using traditional chemicals and the photos would appear in the chute after (quite a few!) minutes. You can image the amazement from people in those early years visiting a photo booth for the first time!

Breakdowns and problems plagued early photo booth models. So much of this process has been simplified with photo booth hire in the digital age! There’s no chemicals and no ten-minute wait for photos to develop. However, we do love that so many guests still ‘fan’ their photos to ‘dry’ them! It shows that the memories of photo booths of old are still very much alive for our guests.

The advancements in digital technology have given us several advantages over earlier models, however these don’t change our design decisions. The event environment is certainly very unique! Sleek photo booth hire operation requires seamless operation for our clients and guests. If a ten year old can’t use it, or your Nan can’t use it, we won’t design it.

The event environment is busy and emotionally charged. There’s so much to do in a short space of time. The focus of your wedding or special event is each other and your family and friends. Our job at In the Booth is to complement with gathering with awesome photo booth hire, not take away from it with digital distraction. We want you to have the best possible photo booth experience available. We achieve this by preserving the photo booth’s inherent simplicity.

Of course, there’s no real magic in a photo booth. We create the magic by a series of perfectly timed sequences for our guests. Stepping into the photo booth and drawing the curtain closed. Choosing your experience from the touch screen and scrambling to “get ready!” It’s in the laughs while you’re inside the booth and even more laughs when you collect your photo booth print.

At In the Booth photo booth hire, we’re dedicated to preserving the incredible features of the earliest photo booths. There’s a reason photo booth are not only still around but have evolved to private event entertainment a century later. Above all, we’re proud to be part of the story of photo booths living on!

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