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Photo Booth for hire for your First Look

On 4 Jun | '2020

Photo Booth for Hire

Photo Booth for hire for your First Look

It’s the morning of your big day! There a thousand things running through your mind and happening around you. There is hair and makeup being done. Your photo booth for hire being delivered. Checking the cake has arrived. Making sure the band knows the song choice for the first dance. Checking your uncle remembers to pick up Nanna. Now imagine stealing a few moments alone with your sweetheart at the beginning of your journey as husband and wife.

Your wedding day is going to be emotionally charged with amazing moments. The exchanging of vows, the first kiss, the bridal dance.…just to name a few. Now, imagine the moment that you will first lay eyes on your partner on your wedding day. Being able to do that in an intimate setting with just the two of you can make it even more beautiful. You’re about to be the stars of the show and family and friends want to share this time with you. Setting aside some time for a first look is the perfect opportunity for you to have a few quiet minutes together.

While having a first look is a relatively recent trend, there are still plenty of ways to personalise this new tradition. We’ve gathered some great ideas about how you can plan your first look as an important feature of your day.

First Touch

Your photographer will be able to guide you here. Select a location where you can arrive without seeing each other. Stand either side of a door or other sweet prop; stand back to back and reach out your hand! Your photographer will capture you holding hands for the first time on your wedding day.

Blindfolding the groom

It’s no secret that many a groom shed tears when they first see their bride on their big day! Instead of putting the groom on the spot in front of everyone at your ceremony, plan 10 minutes to yourselves before you walk down the aisle. Blindfold the groom and have the bride approach (some fin photos can be made with the bride holding her fingers to her lips!). The bride can remove the groom’s blindfold and enjoy a private moment before their official day begins.

Joke’s on the groom

If your bridal party is a particularly fun-loving group, this next one might be for you. Proceed as per the blindfold example above. Have the best man, dressed in a op-shop wedding dress, tap the groom on the shoulder and remove the blindfold! How far you choose to go with makeup and accessories for the best man is up to you 😉 This idea will need to be orchestrated with a bit more time up your sleeve so he can get changed into his suit before the ceremony!

Up the garden path

Have the groom wait at the end of a garden path in the surrounds of your wedding venue. The bride can quietly approach from behind and tap the groom on the shoulder. This simple, classic take on a first look will create stunning, timeless photos to treasure.

In the photobooth for hire

Here’s one for the introverts! Why not incorporate your photo booth into your first look? The combination of our enclosed booths and photos make it a first look made in heaven! This idea can work perfectly with either the bride or groom waiting in the photo booth for their betrothed to enter. Imagine those first look moments perfectly captured by the booth in complete privacy, without even your photographer looking on.

Photobooth for Hire

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