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Party Hire Ideas

Party Hire Ideas Guaranteed to Entertain

On 24 Feb | '2022

Need some party hire ideas so your celebration doesn’t fall flat? Hosting an important celebration can feel like the Greatest Show on Earth! There’s the invitations, the food, the guest list and let’s not forget RSVP’s. Be it a corporate event, a milestone birthday or a wedding, one thing remains the same – we want our guests to be entertained and have a great time. Set up your Pinterest boards and get planning. There’s a truck load of unique ideas that will see your guests raving about your celebration for years to come!

Dance the night away

It’s not unique but that’s because popularity trumps it! At least 90% of your guests are going to be keen to bust a move. Dancing has been around since the beginning of time because guests just wanna have fun. A special occasion isn’t the time to get cousin Matt and his speaker dock – it’s time for a professionals. You’ll need some party hire ideas and referrals for a skilled DJ. A band has the skill set to adjust the music to suit the crowd and knows what it takes to get guests on their feet. Do your research. Read live reviews and ask for referrals from friends and family who have personally experienced the suppliers.

Make it sparkle

What’s a celebration without a little pyrotechnics? Fireworks are guaranteed to bring the ooh-ahh factor! Perhaps incorporate your fireworks as a after-dinner surprise for guests. Alternatively they make an amazing exit backdrop for the bride and groom. For the budget conscious backyard celebration, sparklers can be equally as beautiful and even more intimate. Not to mention sparkles of any size make for fantastic photos!

Let’s get quizzicle

On elf our favourite party hire ideas that breaks the ice. Fun + cost effective = everybody wins! Get creative and print out some ‘pub style’ quizzes for your guests to complete throughout the night. You could go for an Eye Spy theme or see how well your guests know the guest/s of honour with a list of questions. If you’ve made the awesome decision to hire a photo booth (!) put together a list of photos you’d love your guests to take – some for special memories and some just for fun!

Best party hire ideas = snack trucks!

Is there anything more exciting than an unexpected snack? In the wee hours (or anytime!), give your guests an extra surge of energy for the dance floor with a surprise fun snack. Try ice cream trucks (like the awesome Ruby pictured above), pancakes and waffles, mini cheeseburgers, a milk and cookies bar or even marshmallows and hot chocolates around a campfire. You will find some delicious morsels to fit any budget.

Feelin’ flashy

Google ‘wedding party flash mob’ and prepare to be entertained! A surprise flash mob will shock your guests in the best possible way (and has the added bonus of potentially turning your bridal party into a You Tube sensation!). The choreography doesn’t have to be fancy and remember there’s safety in numbers. Make an awesome song choice and you’ll figure out the rest! It will be a great excuse to catch up with your bridal party in the lead up to your wedding for those oh-so-entertaining rehearsals!

And the best party hire ideas of all – a photo booth!

Finally, we couldn’t leave this one out now could we 😉 After 13 years and over 17,000 events we’ve seen a few party hire ideas! Our gorgeous retro booths continue to bring the entertainment goods. Moreover the booth seamlessly combines both entertainment and memories. A match made in heaven! It appeals to guest of all ages (much like an ice cream truck!). The booth will be loved by all wherever people gather! Send us your enquiry today!

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