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New Year Party Photobooth

New Year Party Photobooth Celebrations

On 31 Dec | '2020

Wow, what a year. It’s been awesome to have our New Year party photobooth out celebrating in full swing after the year that has been 2020! Ringing in the new year and photos go hand in hand! Social media goes selfie-wild every New Year’s Eve with revellers posting their new year’s antics.

For guests, the booth is a super easy way to capture their memories. Forget trying to capture a photo on your phone in low light – the booth has it all taken care of. For our customers, the booth crosses event photography off the list. Many of our corporate customers come back year after year, such is the ease of letting In the Booth capture their new year party.

Unlike traditional roaming photography, the booth includes the added magic of instant prints for guests. This means they are literally ringing in the new year with your brand in their hand! No matter the theme of your new year celebration, our design team will work with you to create a fantastic brand message delivered via your new year party photobooth.

New Year Party Photobooth

If you haven’t considered a new year party photobooth before, here’s some common party problems the booth can take care of for you:

A new year party photobooth will break the ice

Corporate parties are known for making guests feel a tad socially awkward. After all, guests might be unknown to each other outside their small social circle. The booth breaks the ice and gets the party started! Even guests queuing outside the booth will be chatting up a storm. Not to mention, the laughter coming from inside the booth is impossible to ignore!

It will keep your guests entertained

New year’s parties can stretch long into the night! Obviously, you’ll want to be partying on past midnight to celebrate the dawn of the new year in style. However that’s a lot of hours to keep guests awake and occupied! A photo booth is seriously addictive and will keep even your most reserved guests up off their chairs.

It’s the perfect take-home gift

Lastly, no host likes their guests to go home empty handed. Sure, there’s the common gift bag idea, but filling them can be tricky and expensive. Photo booth prints are the ideal cost-effective keepsake. These babies will go straight onto the fridge when your guests get home – no one throws away a printed photo!

New Year Party Photobooth

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