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Mirror Booths and Open Booths and more!

On 30 Jul | '2020

Mirror Booth Open Booth

There’s so many photo booth hire options available and it can be hard to keep them all straight! Mirror Booths and Open Booths; Gif Booths and Enclosed Booths…which photo booth should you choose? Each photo booth style has particular features. It’s a matter of making a list of the photobooth features and inclusions that are most important to you. Today we’re breaking down some of the options available.

Open Style Photo Booth

Open style photo booths are one of the most common options. A photo booth ‘tower’ is the most common design. Guests stand in front of a separate backdrop facing the photo booth tower. Flash can be either inbuilt into the tower itself or there may be separate lighting components.

Points of consideration for Open Style Photo Booths

  • As there is no ‘booth’, other guests can see what is happening
  • A feature wall at the venue may be used as the photo booth backdrop
  • Guests in the ‘booth’ may feel a lack of privacy or feel eyes are on them!
  • Despite the small tower size, most open booth set ups require approximately 3m x 3m of space to allow for the backdrop and space between the guests and the photo tower
  • Open booths do not usually capture video messages due to not being able to record sound in the open environment
  • Ask whether your open booth supplier uses Australian Made photo booths or imported equipment
  • Mirror Style Photo Booth

    Mirror Booths are a newer option on the market. Guests pose in front of a large ‘mirror’ that acts as an interactive touch screen. Flash is incorporated into the mirror booth itself.

    Points of consideration for Mirror Style Photo Booths

  • There is no ‘booth’ so guests stand in the open
  • The backdrop can be hired additionally or a wall used at your venue
  • The printer is set up externally to the mirror booth itself. Unless this printer has its own separate ‘housing’ this can be quite noisy and unattractive in the event space
  • Video sound is not able to be recorded due to the open environment
  • Guests will enter their phone number or email address to send their mirror booth photos to their phone. This may cause privacy concerns for some guests and a queue at the photo booth
  • The majority of mirror style booths in Australia are currently imported from overseas
  • Gif Style Photo Booth

    Gif or digital-only photo booths are available to hire for your wedding or corporate event. These are also usually a tower style booth. Some companies also offer dry hire digital-only booths that you can DIY for the weekend. Guests can capture digital-only content such as photos and Gifs. The content is then sent to the guests’ phone via text or email. Gif and other digital-only booths do not print photos at your event.

    Points of consideration for Gif Style Photo Booths

  • Many digital only booths hire do not include an photo booth attendant. This means someone at your celebration will need to be responsible for ensuring guests know how to use the Gif booth.
  • DIY booth options will still need someone responsible for the equipment. It will need to be set up and packed up at your event. Time will need to be set aside to return the Gif booth after your event.
  • Many guests still expect a photo booth to come with instant prints – that’s the fun part! Guests may ask where they can get their prints from a digital only booth.
  • Make sure you ask for samples of the quality of photos and Gifs from your digital only booth. Some use low quality imaging equipment.
  • Enclosed Photo Booth

    Enclosed photo booths are designed around the timeless fun of vintage photo booths. Guests enter an enclosed booth (hence the name photo “booth”!) to begin their photo booth experience. Furthermore, enclosed booths create a private studio environment for guests to create amazing photo booth content.

    Points of consideration for Enclosed Style Photo Booths

  • Enclosed booths offer a private and quality-controlled space for guests
  • High definition sound for video messages is captured in a studio environment
  • The footprint of the booths themselves can often be smaller as all equipment is housed in one place, not in separate stations
  • With In the Booth, all digital experiences are accessible at any time by guests via our free app. No privacy concerns and no queues of tipsy guests trying to remember their email address!
  • Mirror Booths and Open Booths; Gif Booths and Enclosed Booths!

    In conclusion, with so many photo booth styles available, you’re sure to find the one that’s perfect for your special event. Looks are important when it comes to weddings and special events! Choose a photo booth that will complement your decor and give your guests the best possible experience. To read why past customers chose In the Booth, you can read reviews in their own words right here.

    Mirror Booths and Open Booths; Enclosed Booths and Gif Booths…finally, which photo booth will you choose?!

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