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At In the Booth we think Event Letters provide some of the coolest props for any wedding, engagement, party, or corporate event outside of a photo booth. Event Letters specialise in the hire of life-size light-up and non light-up letters, numbers and symbols. Their range creates a visual experience through light and colour that will leave a lasting impact at any event.

Meet the Team

Hi there, we are David & Katelyn, the creative duo behind the hugely popular Event Letters.

Event Letters began back in April 2014 at a sibling’s 21st birthday. She showed us a photo of light-up numbers and asked if we could build a small “21”. We decided if we were going to build light-up numbers they were going to have to be big and make an impact! With this concept in mind we built the “21” and it was a huge hit amongst the guests at the party.

During the build process we received another request from our friends to create “LOVE” for their upcoming wedding. Interest and demand continued to increase amongst family and friends and as a result Event Letters was born!

Starting off as a causal business Event Letters grew rapidly over the next 18 months. We supply our props to birthdays, weddings, engagements and corporate events across South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Today we continue striving to create new and exciting visual experiences through our products.

On the Couch with Event Letters

What are your most popular requests for letter combinations?

All you need is .... LOVE!
LOVE is definitely our most popular combination of letters, especially when it comes to weddings or engagement parties. The most cost effective option for couples to have something bespoke and significant would be initials (two letters and a symbol).
Outside of weddings we have a huge number of enquires for Birthday Numbers, particularly for a 21st Birthday. Having a stunning Light-Up “21” to have photos beside or to post all over social media with a selfie has certainly proven to be a popular feature at most parties. #justturned21
Our corporate clients use Event Letters to help promote or launch products all the time. Simply displaying an event hashtag in a big way for all those to see is a great tool for ongoing marketing especially via social media.
You can see our range here:

What sets Event Letters apart?

If you are looking for something to add extra impact at your event or to get the party started after the speeches at a wedding, then the colour changing ability that Event Letters light-up props offer is perfect. Our letters and numbers are all remote controlled so at the click of a button the hired combination can be changed from white, to a single solid colour, or to one of the 14 colour changing modes. You even have the ability to adjust the brightness, all in the palm of your hand.
Event Letters can provide clients with an unrivalled range of letters, number and symbols in our region. With an ever growing and evolving inventory, we strive to provide any combination to our clients.
The range aside, all Event Letters are custom fabricated locally in Brisbane ensuring products can be created in a timely manner and to the highest quality and standards. It is the brilliant white gloss finish and the smooth flowing lines of the font that set us apart from the rest.
Event Letters has also received industry and client recognition by winning the 2016 ABIA Wedding Hire category for QLD.

What questions should couples ask their letter hire company?

1. Are the letters fitted with LED lights so they are not hot to touch for little ones or likely to blow during the hire?
2. Do the letters change colour?
3. Can you wirelessly change from white to colour?
4. What other words or combinations can they supply besides LOVE?
5. Do they provide a complete delivery, installation and collection service?
6. Do they charge an additional fee if you need the letters collected on the night or after the event (because Event Letters don't)?

Do you have a favourite letter colour combination or is it all about classic white?

Every event is different and that’s why with Event Letters you get the best of both worlds with the choice of the classic white or colour combinations.
White is timeless and always a favourite at the beginning of an event. Later in the night the colour option can certainly get the party started. It also makes for amazing dance floor photography and videography and can also instantly add association to any business branding or theming.

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