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Photo Booth Props

Photoooth Props

We’re in the ‘mo! (You see what we did there?) Included in your hire package is one of our gorgeous photo booth prop kits. Our prop kits embody all the kitsch of classic photo booth fun with our gorgeous array of props on sticks and a quality chalkboard; all beautifully displayed in our custom made stand. Our prop selection has been especially chosen to enhance your guests’ photo booth experience and encourage creativity.

We take hygiene seriously so all supplied props are sanitised between each event. It’s for this reason that we don’t provide hats or wigs (you don’t want to see what we’ve seen!) but you are more than welcome to supply your own if you wish, along with any other items you may have chosen to match your theme. Don’t forget to check out our Props Inspiration page for some great ideas! Remember, when it comes to props, less is more and props or no props, your guests are going to have an awesome time!

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