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In the Booth Photo Booths Booking Experience

On 23 May | '2019

Planning an event and feeling stressed? We hear you! We plan events for a living and we know exactly how stressful things can become! You start on the high of an engagement or excitement of a milestone birthday and spiral into the disappointment of no replies to emails and endless details.

We understand our customers are short on time.

We get it – there aren’t enough hours in the week to plan your wedding, birthday or corporate event. In the Booth is a company made up of small business owners so we hear you loud and clear! Why is it that the more automated life becomes, the harder it is to find time to fit everything in? At In the Booth photo booth hire, we’ve tackled this problem head on by creating not just a photo booth hire experience, but a booking experience. Our desire is for our clients to end their customer experience with us thinking, “wow, that was easy!”.

Enter your personalised photo booth booking assistant.

With over ten years in the industry, we know exactly what to do to make our customers lives’ easier. Our custom-built photo booth hire booking portal has been designed specifically with our customers in mind. We know there’s no off the shelf software to plan every facet of your celebration for you, but you can rest assured that your photo booth is covered!

All your photo booth hire details, all in one place.

Your personalised photo booth booking portal covers every part of your booking from the location of your booth at your venue down to every conceivable customised option! Select your backdrop, photo booth print design, manage your payments, visit the terms and conditions and more. It’s packed full of resources to make your special event go smoothly and ensure your photo booth is one of the highlights of your night! Unsure about a detail or just need someone to talk to? Our experienced booking team is only an email or a phone call away.

Reduce stress and cut down on to and fro communication.

Desperately trying to find some information from an endless chain of emails? That’s exactly what our photo booth booking system avoids for you. Those frantic inbox searches are a thing of the past. Simply log in to your booking portal and find everything you need at your fingertips.

Accessing your personalised photo booth hire portal.

After your booking is confirmed with In the Booth, you will receive the log in details for your personalised photo booth booking portal. Log in whenever your heart desires to complete your details and select your custom options – the beauty of our customised system is, it’s always open! Whether your booking is a few days away or your planning a wedding two years’ in advance, your timeline will automatically customise to you to ensure all your details are confirmed with plenty of time. Prior to your event, you will receive a finalised summary of all your event details and selections. Need to make a last-minute change? Not a problem – all you need to do is give us a call.

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