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Five Ways to Say Thank You at Your Celebration

On 18 Oct | '2018

Special events are made for bringing people together. We can guarantee you will have had guests travel from near and far and it’s important to incorporate saying thank you throughout your event. Special events are busy and you may not get the chance to speak to everyone personally. We’ve got some awesome ideas for saying thank you that can be woven into the plans for your day so no guest feels left out. These are the best ways to say thank you at your celebration.

ways to say thank you at your celebration

Five Ways to Say Thank You at Your Celebration

In your speeches

It might seem basic, but when excitement levels are high, it’s easy to forget to thank even the most important people! Even if you’re not writing out a speech, writing down the names of everyone that’s made your special event possible will jog your memory during speech time. The last thing you want to do is neglect to thank the bride’s Nan for hand-sewing all the table centrepiece doilies by hand! Not only that but writing down your speech notes and adding them to your wedding keepsake box will make them a great treasure in years to come. Imagine your grandchildren being able to read their grandparent’s wedding speech notes in their own words and handwriting.

With a personal gift

Surprise your party guests with a special gift at their place setting when they arrive at your event! From personalised items to a favourite perfume or wine, the only limit is your imagination when finding the perfect gift. Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be heartfelt, in fact, handmade gifts are often the most treasured. What about some home-made brownies from the bride’s secret recipe or a bookmark with your wedding details? Include a card or tag with a thank you message personalised for each guest – imagine how special they will feel!

In the tiny details

If your event has a program or menu, consider adding your thank you message to it as well. It’s a sure-fire way of knowing all guests will get your message and those you are thanking will feel warm and fuzzy at getting a mention as well. Simple signage at the entrance to your event that says ‘thank you for being here today’ communicates the importance of the presence of family and friends on your most special of days.

On your photo booth prints

If you’re having a photo booth at your event, photo booth instant prints and thank you messages are a match made in heaven! Choose beautiful graphics that seamlessly match your event theme and add a personalised thank you message to your guests. The photo booth strips themselves make the perfect gift – and your guests can create as many booth photos as they like! Your guests are guaranteed to have them in wallets, fridges and photo frames after your event as the ideal keepsake of your celebration.

ways to say thank you at your celebration

Image courtesy of Colette Wood Photography

With a surprise

Presenting those that have helped with your event such as a bunch of flowers or gift during the speeches will be a surprise they won’t forget in a hurry. Call up your nearest and dearest and embarrass them in the best way with compliments and a gift! The best way to organise a surprise is to be organised. Make sure your gifts are ordered or purchased well in advance so you have plenty of time to wrap them and write your thank you card. Enlist a bridesmaid, groomsman or reliable friend on board to assist with ensuring the gifts are organised and where they need to be on the day. Make sure your event photographer is aware of what will be happening so they can capture the awed surprise of the person receiving the gift!

With a invite-only ‘after party’

Planning weddings and special events take their toll on everyone! Organise a simple and relaxing after party for those closest to you such as a high tea or brunch – fully serviced of course so no one has to lift a finger! If you are planning a location wedding, you may like to host a special morning-after brunch where you can reflect on the festivities of the day before with your nearest and dearest. Enjoy opening gifts, reading through your wedding guest book and relax knowing all the hard work is done!

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