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Display Your Wedding Memories After Your Wedding

On 20 Aug | '2020

Display Your Wedding Memories
Once your wedding has passed, you’re going to want to display your wedding memories! There are few as important memories than those of your wedding day. Wedding day memories form important family heirlooms that future generations of your family will look back on.

As the saying goes, all we’re left with are memories. In the weeks and months following your wedding it’s only natural to feel a little sad! You spent months planning your perfect day and now it feels like you have a lot of free time! We’ve gathered some great project ideas to help you display your wedding memories in your home.

Keep the wine bottle

Did you celebrate your wedding toast with a special bottle of wine or champagne? Keep the bottle with a few select dried flower stems. Or perhaps fill the bottle with mini battery-operated lights as a table centrepiece. Add a candle to the top and light it on future special occasions such as your wedding anniversary.

Display your wedding perfume

Perfume bottles are so pretty! Make a small arrangement on your dressing table with your wedding scent bottle, flowers from your bouquet and your wedding jewellery in a special display dish.

Display Your Wedding Décor

Loved your wedding table centrepieces? Why not keep one as a display in your home? Consider your dining table or an occasional table. A gorgeous arrangement on a spot you pass every day will display your wedding memories to perfection.

Frame your wedding announcement

If your wedding announcement was in the newspaper, cut out and keep your announcement to frame. Even if you stuck to social media to announce your wedding, screen shot the post and print out a copy to frame.

Make a memory box

You’re bound to have endless bits and bobs that are special to you from your wedding day. Notes to your beloved; cards from your bridesmaids; copies of your invitations….. It can help to have a dedicated time capsule box for all your memory items. (Imagine your grandkids discovering it one day!)

Display your photo booth guest book

Guests to your home are going to love looking through your photo booth guest book. Keep it handy as a coffee table book and guests will be sure to pick it up for a flick through. Alternatively, display it on a small artist’s easel. Another idea is to have it framed inside a picture box style cabinet, open to your favourite pages.

Professionally preserve your bouquet

You chose your wedding flowers because they were special to you – or maybe just because they were beautiful! Seek out a professional wedding bouquet preserving service. Or if a professional service isn’t within your budget, research how to DIY. Additionally, many flower types are suited to being dried. Your preserved bouquet is sure to become a family treasure. (Imagine having it to display on your 50th wedding anniversary!).

Frame your wedding vows

Whether your vows were hand scribbled an hour before the ceremony or carefully typed many months before, they’re part of your wedding story. Frame your vows just as they were written and place on your bedside tables as a daily reminder of your promises to each other.

Display your favourite photo booth prints

Frame them, put them on the fridge, tuck them into your wallet, put one under your car visor, use one as a bookmark…the possibilities are endless. Photo booth prints are the ideal mini-reminder of the best day of your life.

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