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Dear In the Booth Customers

On 19 Mar | '2020

Words cannot express how devastated we are for our customers who have had their much anticipated celebrations impacted by the pandemic.

We are operating ‘business as usual’ with the utmost respect to the Australian Prime Minister’s National Address and other offical recommendations as they are released.

We are working with our valued clients to assist wherever we can and that all events that are able to go ahead, will do so.

Our amazing team are in the process of assisting our customers with events within the next month, and will then move on to customers with events from mid-April and beyond.

When words will not suffice, all we can say is thank you. Thank you for your patience and support of our company during this devastating time.

March 2020 Wedding & Honeymoon Show presented by Queensland Brides

Caring for our Customers during COVID19