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Corporate Event Hire

On 24 Mar | '2022

In the Booth Corporate Event Hire is here to bring the “wow” to your business events! We’ve all been there. Think corporate event hire, you don’t really think fun! To put it another way, it’s more commonly associated with dull conference rooms and a packet of Arnott’s Assorted that’s been on the table too long 😉 Luckily an In the Booth photo booth together with some smart planning can change all that!

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Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

Unplugged Wedding Ceremony Ideas

On 17 Mar | '2022

Wondering if an unplugged wedding ceremony is your cup of tea? We’ve found many couples are taking this option in the thousands of ceremonies we have been privy to. A wedding ceremony is a sacred occasion. Unfortunately not everyone understands that Beyonce’s ‘Put a ring on it’ ring tone blasting out during the ceremony is tasteful or appreciated! Today on the blog we’re listing pros and cons to consider for your unplugged wedding ceremony.

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Australian Theme

Australian Theme for your Celebration

On 3 Mar | '2022

An Australian theme for your wedding or party is an awesome choice! If you’re stuck for a theme for your wedding, party or any other celebration, sometimes it’s good to stick close to home. An Aussie theme is everything you would want a celebration to be – relaxed, plenty of food and a flamin’ good time! While you might leave the Aussie euphemisms at home 😉 there’s plenty of non-tacky Australian elements that can be
incorporated into your event. We’ve gathered some ideas to get you started.

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Party Hire Ideas

Party Hire Ideas Guaranteed to Entertain

On 24 Feb | '2022

Need some party hire ideas so your celebration doesn’t fall flat? Hosting an important celebration can feel like the Greatest Show on Earth! There’s the invitations, the food, the guest list and let’s not forget RSVP’s. Be it a corporate event, a milestone birthday or a wedding, one thing remains the same – we want our guests to be entertained and have a great time. Set up your Pinterest boards and get planning. There’s a truck load of unique ideas that will see your guests raving about your celebration for years to come!

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Open Photo Booth Hire

Open Photo Booth Hire

On 17 Feb | '2022

Open photo booth hire – yay or nay? Technically we’re an enclosed photo booth hire service. That’s doesn’t mean we haven’t thought about situations where an open booth is best. That’s why at In the Booth we offer both open photo booth hire and enclosed! Yep, you’ve got it – two booths in one.

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Sydney Photobooth Hire

Sydney Photobooth Hire for Kara & Corey

On 10 Feb | '2022

Kara and Corey were on the hunt for Sydney photobooth hire for their big day and In the Booth Sydney West were only too happy to oblige! Ottimo House Denham Court is just like it’s namesake. The word ‘Ottimo’ in Italian translates to excellence which is the pefect description for this western Sydney wedding venue.

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Toowoomba Party Hire

Toowoomba Party Hire for Kate’s 21 + 1

On 3 Feb | '2022

Toowoomba party hire was the order of the day for Kate’s 22nd birthday! We’ve been attending a lot of +1 birthday parties of late – and we don’t mean of the ‘bring your partner’ kind! +1 parties are when our customers are celebrating a big birthday number a year later, due to the impact of Covid. Many of our customers chose to postpone for a year. That means their +1 party date has rolled around!

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Wedding Photography Photo Booth

How Guest Cam extends your wedding photography

On 27 Jan | '2022

Wedding photography is one of the first services couples research and hire for their wedding day. As any newlyweds will tell you, the day is over in a flash (literally!). Beautiful wedding photography is essential to preserve your memories for generations to come.

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Wedding Day Gift Ideas

Wedding Day Gift Ideas

On 20 Jan | '2022

Looking for the perfect wedding day gift ideas? It’s one of the more modern tradition to give your significant other a gift on your wedding day. This simple little gesture can be the perfect way to surprise your sweetheart and set the mood for the rest of the day. This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank though. The key is coming up with wedding day gift ideas that are from the heart and has meaning for both of you!

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