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Gold Coast Wedding Photobooth for Aaron & Courtney

On 30 Apr | '2020

Gold Coast Photobooth Hire

Gold Coast Wedding Photobooth

Aaron and Courtney were wed at the stunning Braeside Events in Merrimac on the Gold Coast. The Braeside Chapel was filled with their loved ones while they shared their nuptials. Following the ceremony, guests made their way to the lovely Poorinda in the Gold Coast hinterland for the reception.

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Hen’s Party Photo Booth – girls’ night in!

On 23 Apr | '2020

Hen’s Party Photo Booth

Planning a hen’s party is no mean feat – it takes plenty of brainstorming, time and rethinking to come up with a celebration that suits the bride perfectly and entertains her guests, while also sticking to the budget.

If you’ve been put in charge of planning a hen’s party and you’re under strict instructions that there is to be no phallic paraphernalia or sticky dancefloors involved, we have ten classy bridal shower ideas for you coming right up!

Photo Booth Hens Night Hire

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Light Up The Dawn for Anzac Day 2020

On 22 Apr | '2020

Light Up The Dawn

We know Anzac Day 2020 will be different. All Australians have been asked to show our ANZAC Spirit and Light Up The Dawn. RSL Australia have said in their statement:

“While we will not be gathering at services or marches, there are still ways to acknowledge ANZAC Day and ensure our servicemen and women are appropriately remembered. In lieu of public events, we’re asking people to show their ANZAC Spirit and the qualities of mateship, humour, ingenuity, courage and endurance and to embrace new ways of acknowledging ANZAC Day this year”.

On the 25th of April 2020, In the Booth would love to show our support as we all #lightupthedawn together, even while we need to be apart.

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Sunshine Coast Wedding Photobooth for Ben & Brii

On 16 Apr | '2020

Hire a Photo Booth on the Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Wedding Photobooth

Ben and Brii chose Novotel Twin Waters on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast for their wedding reception. Their styling was just beautiful with not a detail left unconsidered or anything out of place. The light sprinkle of rain that fell only added to the beauty of their day. Most noteworthy was that guests were kept dry under the gorgeous tipis! Fresh floral installations filled the air with colour and delicious scent. As a result, it was truly Insta-worthy!

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Wedding Expo Photo Booth Research

On 9 Apr | '2020

Wedding Expo Photo Booth

Wedding Expo Photo Booth Research

Wedding planning is a huge and often overwhelming task, and unless you have planned a lot of events, you likely don’t even know all of the options that are out there available to you. Many brides and grooms choose to attend wedding expos or bridal expos to assist them in the planning process. Expos are a great opportunity to get to meet, see, and experience a whole variety of different wedding options. An assortment of venues, photographers, entertainers, florists and (of course) photo booths will be there! Expos can be huge and overwhelming too, so here are some ways to make sure you are ready to make the most of them.

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Western Sydney Photo Booth for Zac and Dijana

On 2 Apr | '2020

Sydney Wedding Photo Booth Hire

Western Sydney Photo Booth

Zac and Dijana celebrated their winter wedding in style. Mandavilla Function Centre hosted their wedding in the Western suburbs of Sydney. Dijana was stunning in a crisp white gown with sweetheart neckline while her full length veil with lace detailing was the perfect finish. Dijana’s bridesmaids wore matching navy blue gowns with off the shoulder drapes and all bridesmaids wore elegant up styles.

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Engagement Party Photo Booth Themes

On 26 Mar | '2020

Engagement party photo booth

First things first – congratulations on your engagement! This is a very exciting stage of your life and whether you’re just dipping your toe into the wedding planning pool or diving in head first immediately, we do know that you will want to at least celebrate your with your loved ones (and what better way to celebrate than with an engagement party photo booth!) .

Engagement parties vary incredibly. Some couples celebrate with a small dinner out with immediate family and others throw a giant bash inviting hundreds of friends and family. There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate your engagement, you need to decide what works best for you as a couple. Regardless of the size of your engagement party, there are a multitude of awesome themes and styles to choose from!

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Caring for our Customers during COVID19

On 23 Mar | '2020

COVID19 Photo Booth

COVID19 Photo Booth Precautions

If your celebration needs to be postponed, we’re here to help with your COVID19 Photo Booth requests. Call 1300 026 684 or email us.

  • Yes, we are open: We are still open for new bookings and are beyond grateful for your support.
  • We’re paying close attention to official updates: We are keeping a close eye on any updates to COVID19 via official updates from the Australian Government. Obviously this is a fluid situation and we are in constant contact with our customers as new updates are released.
  • We’ve put our props away: COVID19 and props aren’t ideal so we’ve put them away just for now. Don’t despair because we can speak from experience when we say that if there’s no props, your guests’ creativity will go through the roof!
  • We’re sanitising all equipment: All equipment will be thoroughly sanitised down prior to and after each event. Areas such as the booth touch screen and print collection area will be sanitised by your attendant during the event. Have guests that won’t be comfortable using the touch screen at all? Not a problem. Our attendant will simply activate their chosen booth experience for them.
  • No contact image downloads: The beauty of our booths is that there’s no additional contact required for guests. Our custom-designed app is designed for individual use, so guests can move into their own space to access their photos.
  • Guest Cam for the win: Our infamous Guest Cam service is there for any guests who don’t feel comfortable being in the booth itself. Guests can capture as many Guest Cams as they like and collect them at their leisure without using the booth itself. Our attendants will ensure Guest Cams are ready for your guests to collect.
  • COVID19 impact on In the Booth customers

    On 19 Mar | '2020

    COVID19 and In the Booth

    Words cannot express how devastated we are for our customers who have had their much anticipated celebrations impacted by COVID19.

    We are operating ‘business as usual’ with the utmost respect to the Australian Prime Minister’s National Address and other official recommendations as they are released.

    We are working with our valued clients to assist wherever we can and that all events that are able to go ahead, will do so.

    Our amazing team are in the process of assisting our customers with events within the next month, and will then move on to customers with events from mid-April and beyond.

    When words will not suffice, all we can say is thank you. Thank you for your patience and support of our company during this devastating time.