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Custom Print Design

Custom Print Design for Your Event

On 15 Oct | '2020

In the Booth have been designing custom print design for our customers since day dot! The magic that happens when a guest receives their photo booth strip in the chute for the first time isn’t lost on us. That little space on your photobooth strip is where our design team can bring your celebration theme to life!

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COVID Theme Celebrations

On 8 Oct | '2020

Has your 2020 been one for the books? Us too 😉 What way to better kick it in the boo-tay than with a COVID theme for your wedding, party or celebration! What’s more, we don’t mean COVID has to overtake your celebration. After all, we’re all ready to see the rear end of it. However, laughter is the best medicine! A bit of light hearted fun-poking at the pandemic that has stolen so much will address the elephant in the room. There have been countless weddings and celebrations postponed world-wide. So there’s one thing for sure, you’re not in it alone. We’ve out together some ideas that will show COVID who’s boss with a COVID theme that won’t overtake things.

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Wedding Games to play with a Photo Booth

On 1 Oct | '2020

Get the party started for your guests with some photo booth wedding games! Sometimes all your guests need is a little encouragement to let their hair down. A photo booth coupled with some well-placed resources are guaranteed to bring some extra laughs!

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Flower Wall Hire

Flower wall hire or photo booth hire?

On 24 Sep | '2020

Flower wall hire popularity has exploded in recent years. It makes sense. After all, weddings and flowers go hand in hand! A flower wall usually consists of a sturdy frame and stand. Flower wall hire can work as a photo backdrop or just an eye-catching addition to your wedding styling.

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Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Outdoor Wedding Ideas

On 17 Sep | '2020

There’s nothing quite like the beautiful sights of nature as a backdrop to your wedding ceremony and reception! However, as we all know the weather can be a bit unpredictable (especially months in advance). We’ve put together a list of outdoor wedding ideas and tips to consider to help your special day be as flawless as possible.

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Wedding Photos

“We didn’t get enough wedding photos!”

On 10 Sep | '2020

“Our day went by so fast!” isn’t a unique sentiment. The wedding day just flies by for so many couples. In contrast, when so many months have been spent in planning, one day can feel especially short. That’s why it’s so essential to plan for specific time slots for your wedding photos.

Any wedding photographer will tell you the main shots are usually captured after the ceremony and before the reception. However, this doesn’t include the many time increments needed throughout the rest of the day. These seemingly insignificant moments all stitched together are what tells the story of your day. It’s important to leave time for them in your wedding day timeline. This way you won’t feel rushed and there’s time spare when things don’t go exactly to plan.

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Wedding Favour Ideas

Wedding Favour Ideas

On 3 Sep | '2020

Ahh, trying to come up with wedding favour ideas! It can be tricky to gather together a suitable list of ideas that are both theme and budget friendly. Our customers tell us via their feedback that trying to find their ideal wedding favour is quite the challenge. At In the Booth, we’ve attended events with every theme you could imagine and just as many wedding favour ideas!

The first things guests do when they locate their seat is check out what’s at their place. They’ll have a read of the menu. By the same token, they’ll be sure to exclaim with excitement over their wedding favour!

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Your Best Online Wedding Planner – Pinterest!

On 27 Aug | '2020

Wedding Planner

If you’re a wedding planner or a bride to be, chances are you’ve heard of Pinterest! Pinterest is a great way to save inspirational images. Organising your images and topics is easy using Pinterest’s ‘boards’ feature. You can create as many boards as you like for your relevant topics. Additionally, you can even create secret boards (great for those surprise celebrations!).

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Display Your Wedding Memories After Your Wedding

On 20 Aug | '2020

Display Your Wedding Memories
Once your wedding has passed, you’re going to want to display your wedding memories! There are few as important memories than those of your wedding day. Wedding day memories form important family heirlooms that future generations of your family will look back on.

As the saying goes, all we’re left with are memories. In the weeks and months following your wedding it’s only natural to feel a little sad! You spent months planning your perfect day and now it feels like you have a lot of free time! We’ve gathered some great project ideas to help you display your wedding memories in your home.

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