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Australian Photo Booth Hire and how to ‘buy local’!

On 9 Dec | '2021

We’re passionate about Australian photo booth hire. What we mean is, we love getting behind small business in the event industry. It’s no secret that the wedding and event industry has had an incredibly difficult couple of years (thanks, no thanks Covid!)

Firstly, when you think ‘buy local’ Australian photo booth hire probably doesn’t come to mind! The phrase ‘buy local’ makes us think of our corner shop or our neighbour’s lawn mowing business or the café we pass every day. The majority of the Australian event industry does not have a brick and mortar address. So we understand we’re not first of mind when customers are trying to shop locally. Today on the blog we’re looking at some great ways you can support the embattled Australian event industry. We can say without hesitation that our friends in the industry are some of the most hard working and resilient small business owners we know! In addition this Christmas, it would mean so much if you could ‘buy local’ within the event industry.

Wedding and Event Venues

In a normal world, we provide Australian photo booth hire in hundreds of incredible event venues around the country. These past two years have been incredibly tough on venues. Functions, weddings and parties have been virtually non-existent for large portions of the year. Bills have continued when bookings have not. Couples managing multiple postponements have left event staff exhausted. Many of our venues have a café or restaurant attached. Book in for lunch, drop by for coffee or better yet, book in a function for a special occasion coming up.

Wedding & Event Suppliers

Did you know that on average it takes around a dozen small business to create an event? There’s the cake maker, the stylist, the photographer, the florist and of course, the photo booth! Every single one of these small businesses has been devastated by the impacts of Covid. Instead of a box of Cadbury Favourites, how about picking up a bunch of flowers from your local florist en route to a Christmas function? Perhaps you know a couple getting married next year? Ask them who their photographer is and purchase an engagement shoot. Your next family birthday might just be takeaway at home, but you can still celebrate with a beautiful cake from a local supplier. Some suppliers have pivoted with creative side businesses that you can support such as running workshops. It’s all about getting creative with buying local and researching the amazing small event businesses in your area.

Get ready to Celebrate with Australian photo booth hire!

Above all, the best thing you can do to support your local event industry is organise a timely celebration! The majority of suppliers have incredibly flexible terms in place and are well versed with whatever restrictions are thrown at them! Australia – it’s time to party!

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