additional services

In addition to our ‘standard’ booth services described above, we can also offer a range of options to take your event to an even higher level. These are particularly popular for Corporate and Large Scale Events.

multiple booths

If you don’t think one booth will cut it, why stop there? Depending on your location, we can provide multiple booths to multiply the number of guests that can ‘get boothed’ at once. Have them configured identically to maximize booth capacity, or theme them separately for guests to ‘do the rounds’ and get different promo messages on each photo print. Our booths can operate stand-alone or in a linked network configuration to integrate with other additional services.


Have you thought about sharing the fun outside the curtain? We can provide projection options to take ‘in the booth’ antics ‘out of the booth’ as well! This might be near the booth to add to the excitement, or at the other end of the venue or even outside to help draw people in and really get the party started. We have a range of particular configurations depending on your requirements, so give us a call to discuss your event and what will work the best.

green screen

Our Green Screen service allows a ‘digital backdrop’ to be superimposed behind the guests as they use the booth. This is usually something like a famous landmark such as the Eiffel Tower or the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign or other significant element that relates to your function. This is separate to the ability to customise the prints received by guests, such as incorporating your company logo or designs and adds that extra level of theming to your photo booth images.

enlargement printing

Want to give your guests even more than their photobooth print? We can provide on-site enlargement services for guests to receive prints of their choice up to 20 x 30cm. The possibilities are endless, and limited only by your imagination. We have full edit suite capabilities, which can interface in real time with single or multiple booths. This means that guests can collect their print from the photobooth, and walk over to our edit suite where their photos are immediately available to be retouched, enlarged, and printed, on the same lab-quality equipment that underpins our entire photobooth design. Add to this the option of printing with digital mats or custom overlays to give your guests the real wow factor!

have another idea?

We love a challenge. By drawing on our extensive background in the electronics and entertainment industries, we like to think there’s not much we can’t do with our booths. If you’ve got a grand idea for a function that we haven’t even thought of yet – please give us a call, we’d love to talk!

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