Our professional photobooths are a unique design unlike anything else in the photobooth market. After extensive research both in Australia and overseas, we were unable to find a commercially available booth that would give us the high quality experience we were determined to achieve.

So, after two years of engineering design and development, In the Booth now produces our own unique booths, right here in Australia. In the Booth photo booths combine the best of what any other booth can offer.

guests love hamming it up in a real booth!

Once your guests get behind the curtain, the creativity just seems to flow. As the photobooth market grows, there are various ‘booth’ options becoming available. In the Booth provides solid-walled, enclosed booths for that old school magic of having your photo taken behind the curtain and away from prying eyes! An enclosed booth lets your guests get creative without feeling shy or nervous about who’s standing there watching. Even your most reserved guests will often produce amazing and creative photos. You get fun, relaxed, and candid shots that only seem to come out of a real booth!

solid – yet still completely portable.

Our unique design gives you the uncompromising solution of an enclosed booth, which can still be setup in just about any venue. We have had our booths set up in lounge rooms, basements, high rise apartments, heritage listed buildings, concert venues, on islands, and under outdoor marquees. Stairs, lifts, and corridors are rarely a problem – if you can host a function there, we can probably get the booth there! All we need is a level surface, and if outside, shelter from the elements. To date, there has never been a venue we couldn’t get into!


professional design and construction

Not only did we want booths that took fantastic studio quality images, they had to look the part as well. We have gone to enormous lengths to ensure there are no ‘weak links’ in your booth experience. Our booths are professionally constructed and look as amazing in any venue as the quality of images they produce. With their dash of retro style, they retain that classic photobooth feel, yet seamlessly combine this with industry leading software and imaging equipment.

In the Booth Quality

high quality, studio images

As professional photographers, we have designed our booths around our imaging requirements, not the other way around. Images are captured on professional digital SLR cameras, just like we use in the studio. Diffused studio lighting and flash is also incorporated to create flattering, studio quality images that we are proud to stake our reputation on.

archive quality instant prints

There would be no point going to the lengths we have in creating great images, if your booth prints didn’t go the distance. Our booths use professional, photo-lab quality dye sublimation printers that print in less than 20 seconds, including a clear protective coating, and land completely dry.

when it comes to photobooths – size really does matter!

Two heads don’t make a party, right? Our booths can easily accommodate six people, so you get to capture the atmosphere, not just your guests’ faces.

Video Booth

in the booth goes live

In The Booth also gives you unlimited video messaging included as part of your hire package. Your guests have the option to leave 15 second video messages in the booth as well as taking their photos. These messages are then supplied to you as part of our unique USB folio after your event. Video messaging is completely optional, so if it doesn’t suit your needs, we can easily leave it switched off – leaving that comment for the boss at the work Christmas party may not be the best career move!

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